Lavender + 24k Gold Flakes

$17.99 $29.98

Ueba Esou 'Gofun' nail polish 

The term 'gofun' means scallop shell powder, and it is where they get their beautiful pigments. To make the nail polish, the same process is used as that of traditional Japanese paint, a process that’s been perfected for over 250 years. It is formulated from all natural ingredients, so natural in fact, that it doesn't even have an odor.

Applied like regular polish, it only takes 1 or 2 coats to get the desired opacity. It also dries much faster than regular polish, and will never harden in the bottle. To remove, simply use alcohol, no harsh acetone needed. Because this is a water-based product, avoid prolonged submersion in water, as this will start to dissolve the polish. 

Lavender nail polish & 24karat gold flakes.