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Voyage Line

Japanese makeup brushes like our Voyage Line are a great alternative to standard beauty tools. They have a unique shape that is perfect for applying and blending products like foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, and more. With this, you can achieve detailed and precise results.

At Firma Beauty, we offer an array of luxury makeup brushes available for your face, eyes, and lips. This fude makeup brush collection in particular is handcrafted by skilled Japanese artisans in Kumano with over 200 years of experience. Elevate your beauty routine today with beautiful, high-performance brushes from our Voyage Line.



Oval Powder


Oval Contour








Angled Brow / Liner


Flat Liner


8 Set

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The Art of Japanese Makeup Brushes

Luxury makeup brushes like our Voyage Line (sometimes called Kumano-Fude, which means “Kumano brush”) are a must for dedicated beauty gurus seeking that flawless look. Each brush made there is crafted by hand, one hair at a time, using synthetic bristles and sustainable, recyclable materials.

These fude makeup brushes are combed, shaped, and tested by expert artisans before they can wear the Firma Beauty label.

Why Use Fude Makeup Brushes

In addition to the time and skill that goes into making a single Voyage brush, what makes Japanese makeup brushes so special is their unique shape and density. This aspect of their versatile design allows going from sweet, barely-three natural looks to something dark and smokey seamless. And when it’s from a brand like Firma Beauty, you can count on our selection of luxury makeup brushes to perform. Choose from brushes for powder, blush, liner and more!