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10 Travel Makeup Essentials June 12 2017

10 travel essentials

With summer just around the corner, we can’t help but dreaming of the holiday season: wind in our hair, sand in our dresses, sun-kissed skin and a big smile on our red lips. Ah, the pictures we could take! We could actually pack right now: We’ll just throw some dresses next to the travel makeup essentials and off we go. It might sound spontaneous, but we have planned for this, as we don’t go anywhere without our makeup essentials.


Rather than take a painful hour to decide each time which makeup brushes and which makeup palettes we’ll need, we took one hour to ponder on our perfect makeup kit and have it ready anytime we want to run away.

So here are our makeup travel essentials!

10 Best Makeup Hacks for Flawless Makeup Looks April 29 2017


Do you want your makeup to last longer? Or maybe you want to get better at applying it?

We know that applying makeup is not always easy, however, we’ve put together 10 of the best makeup hacks out there to help you with your application!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes March 26 2017

How to clean makeup brushes

There’s no denying it, cleaning makeup brushes can sometimes feel like a chore. However, if you want to keep your brushes soft, hygienic and at their best possible quality, then it’s a job that needs doing regularly. 

First things first, if you wear makeup on a daily basis, it’s best to clean your makeup brushes once a week. If you wear makeup less regularly, then clean them once a month. Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine to make sure your makeup brushes are hygienic and can help you apply your makeup seamlessly. 

Here are 6 Simple Tips to Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

How using Makeup Brushes Changed my Life March 18 2017

How using makeup brushes changes my life

For many years, my hands were my main makeup application tool. I used them for applying my foundation, concealer, eye shadow and even blusher. It wasn’t until that I picked up a foundation brush for the first time, that I realized the mistake that I had been making. Using a brush completely transformed how my foundation looked; it looked smoother, it was blended in better and my skin was looking flawless.

Here's how using makeup brushes can change your life!

5 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Makeup Bag March 06 2017


If you’re new to using makeup brushes, then the sheer amount available to buy can be a little bit overwhelming. But don’t worry; we’ve narrowed down the 5 essential makeup brushes that everyone needs in their makeup brush kit.  


5 Key Makeup Trends to Rock in 2017 February 23 2017 6 Comments

  Bronzed, dewy skin makeup trends 2017

We can't wait for the sun to shine again and make us use our bronzers less and our SPFs more! If you're just like us, you are probably dying to dive into warmer days and dust off your winter style. Not only that, but higher temperatures allow for more freedom when it comes to experimenting with makeup, hairstyle and outfits.

In the hopes that this will get your mood up in anticipation for summer, we've shortlisted the key 5 Makeup trends for 2017! Check them out!


5 Amazing Makeup looks You Must Try this Fall January 10 2017

fall makeup trends 2015

They say mother nature has the best box of crayons. As the new season takes on deeper moods, sharp sensations, and rusty shades, it’s time to reinvent ourselves and leave our shiny sun-touched skin and pastel lips behind. As much as we loved wearing our bronzers and looking radiant during the warmer months, we cannot stop falling in love with the season’s new shades and we look forward to getting creative with fall’s most amazing makeup looks.


How to Style Your Makeup Vanity Table November 24 2016

Makeup is such an important (not to say essential) part of our lives today. We spend precious minutes every morning working on it, we invest a fair amount of money to buy cosmetics and beauty products and we are passionate about drawing an eye line, curving our lashes and creating flawless skin. It’s only fair to have a special spot in our homes to enjoy and also optimize our beauty routine: a makeup vanity table. Your makeup vanity table should be a place that inspires you, that will make you feel beautiful and confident. It is also a fun space to decorate where you can use your personality and be creative to style your own little beauty temple.


Here are 5 things you need to style your perfect vanity table!