10 Best Makeup Hacks for Flawless Makeup Looks April 29 2017

Do you want your makeup to last longer? Or maybe you want to get better at applying it?
We know that applying makeup is not always easy, however, we’ve put together 10 of the best makeup hacks out there to help you with your application!
1. When applying winged eyeliner, try drawing the cat flick first. Once that’s done, fill in the gaps to create the perfect winged eyeliner. To help, try our Firma Angled Liner brush for a more precise application!

2. Do you have an old kohl eyeliner that’s not what it used to be? Turn it into a gel eyeliner. Be careful with this one, but a quick way to turn your pencil into an intense gel liner is by burning the tip under a lighter flame for 1 second. It will help put some life back into your eyeliner!
3. If you don’t own a contour brush, try pinching a powder brush together to create a thinner application tool. Using this technique, you’ll be able to easily follow the hollows of your cheeks and create a flawless contour! If you do fancy investing in a contour brush, take a look at our Firma 103 Contour Brush, perfect for achieving the sculpted look! 
4. If you’re always forgetting where to place your highlight and contour, then try this really easy hack! Try applying your highlight in four triangles on your face; on the forehead, under both eyes and on the chin and contour the hollows of your cheeks. You won’t forget where to contour and highlight again!

5. Sometimes after applying eyeliner, the eyeliner can smudge or even fall down beneath the eye. One way to stop this is by applying an eyeshadow in the same color over the eyeliner to help set it and keep it in place.

6. Rather than applying your setting spray after you’ve finished your makeup application, try applying a small amount to your eyelashes. You’ll get longer lasting mascara, less lash separation and minimal flaking. 

7. Want to make your lips appear fuller? Then try contouring them! It may seem like contouring is overdone, but this is a really handy trick to make your lips appear fuller. Use a dark lip pencil to outline your lips, then fill in the centre of your lips with a lighter lip pencil, then finally apply your lipstick. It will create an ombre, multi-dimensional look.
 lip contour
8. If you want your eyebrow pencil or gel to last all day, try adding your favourite eyeshadow primer to your brows before you apply. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

9. If your favourite mascara is starting to dry up, try adding a drop or two of baby oil to bring it back to life!
10. Your foundation will give you better coverage if you warm it up before applying. Pump a small amount onto the back of your hand, then using the Firma 101 Foundation Brush apply it. Warming your foundation up first will give it a slightly runnier consistency, thinning it out and giving you more of a natural coverage.