Strobing in 5 Easy Steps July 27 2017


girl strobing

For a while now strobing has kept the make-up headlines and no wonder! While contouring takes some painting skills, strobing takes some photography skills. Now, if you’re anything like us, photography comes somehow easier than painting.

Strobing is lighter on the skin and friendly with our morning schedule. While contouring is still the go-to technique for a photo make-up or a ravishing look for a night out it is just too much to even think of for our daily lives.

Just as a quick recap, contouring is the makeup that visually changes your face features using contour cream & powder darker and lighter than your skin’s tone, creating shadows and highlights that redefine your face’s shape.

Strobing is an illuminating makeup that focuses on highlighting the high points of your complexion creating a healthy, radiant look.

If you don’t own a highlighter already, we recommend you pick a rose-pearl tone if you have a paler skin or a sand-gold one if you have a darker skin. If you already have the 6 Piece Face Brush Set, you’re well equipped for this adventure. If not, no worries! I’ll let you know along the road what makeup brushes will make strobing easy-breezy. This is a light makeup so we’ll use as little product as we can to complement our natural look.

Here’s a quick morning strobing routine you can try out this week:

  1. Set up the base

    First replenish your skin with your favorite moisturizer. If any imperfections pop up, you can mix some concealer with your moisturiser and apply where needed with your 203 Concelear Brush, which will make the colors blend easily and application will be smooth and even. Then apply evenly your illuminating base.

  2. Apply Highlighter or Strobing Cream

    Now pick up your V13 Oval Contour Brush or the 104 Foundation Brush and start by dabbing some highlighter above the highest point of your arch for a facelift effect. Then apply a bit of strobing cream to the upper cheekbone. We also like to arch towards the temples to make the face look fuller and healthier.

    If you already have a fuller face and you’d like it to look more elongated, then apply the highlighter or the strobing cream on your nose bone and on the tip of the nose and then pop a bit in the middle of your chin as well.

    If you have dark circles around your eyes and they were not covered by the concealer, then you can apply a bit of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes as well, the concealer brush will be your best ally for this maneuver.

  3. Blend it!

    Now with the
    203 Concelear Brush or the 105 Stippling Foundation Brush make the highlighter blend really well, until they can’t tell if you actually #wokeuplikethis or not.

  4. Focus on the details

    Now pick up your
    V13 Oval Contour Brush or a clean 102 Blush Brush and add perfect that glowing look by adding illuminating powder under the eyebrows to illuminate your eyes and again a bit above the eyebrow line.

    Then dab some on the lower cheekbones for a soft natural highlight.

    And, our favorite part, pop your brush along the top lip, highlighting the cupid’s bow, which will make your lips look fuller.

  5. Make it last

    Let yourself glow for hours: lock everything with your setting spray.

Shine on, you crazy diamond!