How to Clean Makeup Brushes March 26 2017

How to clean makeup brushes

There’s no denying it, cleaning makeup brushes can sometimes feel like a chore. However, if you want to keep your brushes soft, hygienic and at their best possible quality, then it’s a job that needs doing regularly. 

First things first, if you wear makeup on a daily basis, it’s best to clean your makeup brushes once a week. If you wear makeup less regularly, then clean them once a month. Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine to make sure your makeup brushes are hygienic and can help you apply your makeup seamlessly. 

If your makeup brushes are caked in makeup, then it’s time to give them a good clean. Not only will your brushes be clogged with makeup, but there's also oil, dirt and bacteria within the bristles that can lead to clogged pores or cause unwanted breakouts. Also, good quality makeup brushes like the Elite Makeup Brush Line need to be looked after to protect the bristles and ensure perfect makeup application. 

When it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes, you can use a makeup brush cleaner spray to quickly freshen up your brush after each use, but your makeup brushes still need a deep clean quite regularly. 

Here is how we deep clean our makeup brushes: 

1. Start by running your brushes under lukewarm water to get the bristles completely wet. 

2. Swirl the brushes onto the back of your hand or a sponge to get rid of all the makeup that is stuck on the bristles. 

3. You can buy a specialized makeup brush cleaner, however, baby shampoo or an unscented organic shampoo or soap will do the job also. Apply your chosen product and gently lather up the bristles, then use the swirling technique a few times to ensure all the makeup has been removed from your brushes. You might have to do this a few more times to make sure they’re completely clean! 

4. Finally, rinse your brushes again under lukewarm water. If your brushes still feel slippery and slimy, then you’ve still got some cleaning work to do! 

5. Squeeze the remaining water out of the brushes and leave them to dry on a towel. Your brushes might take a few hours to dry, therefore if you are to wash your brushes, leave them drying overnight so they’re ready for the next morning. 

6. Once you’ve finished cleaning your brushes, try massaging a tiny bit of hair conditioner into your makeup brushes bristles and then rinse again. This will make them feel soft, luxurious and feel like brand new!

Washing your makeup brushes is a job that will only take 5 minutes, however, it's also a job that can be overlooked. It's important to make sure your brushes are clean to keep them soft and healthy!