10 Travel Makeup Essentials June 12 2017

10 travel essentials

With summer just around the corner, we can’t help but dreaming of the holiday season: wind in our hair, sand in our dresses, sun-kissed skin and a big smile on our red lips. Ah, the pictures we could take! We could actually pack right now: We’ll just throw some dresses next to the travel makeup essentials and off we go. It might sound spontaneous, but we have planned for this, as we don’t go anywhere without our makeup essentials.


Rather than take a painful hour to decide each time which makeup brushes and which makeup palettes we’ll need, we took one hour to ponder on our perfect makeup kit and have it ready anytime we want to run away.

So here are our makeup travel essentials!



A perfect makeup needs a healthy and hydrated skin. When we travel we can’t control the water quality and the air we expose our skin to, so a high SPF body and facial moisturizer is a must for holiday makeup. We chose coconut oil, which works great as a makeup remover and hair conditioner as well, but anything that your skin already loves will do the trick.



Depending on the number of days off, we either take our foundation in original size or we rely on foundation samples (previously tested) that we gather specifically for our travel makeup bag.



While we optimize our makeup product sizes, we never compromise when it comes to face brushes. Actually the makeup wouldn’t be as good without our travel brush set. First on the list: the foundation brush. Its brittles need to be natural and soft, otherwise the skin will react. Our favorite is the flat 104 Foundation Brush as it applies the foundation flawlessly. This foundation brush makes foundation application feel like a smooth face massage, which is our morning pamper moment.


While we can’t travel with all our contouring shades, we need our powder & bronzer pocket palette. For this makeup travel kit we’ve picked a face powder lighter than the skin tone, to use it as a highlight.



But this contouring trick wouldn’t be possible without the 101 Powder Brush. This is a versatile, soft brush that we use for both face powder and bronzer application. Whenever you feel the need for precision, just press it gently with the fingers to give it the shape you want and contouring with a powder brush becomes reality.



Wearing makeup daily, gives you the chance to test what goes well for your personal coloring. So we made custom eye shadow palettes where we added a dark blue, dark brown, a white and a beige, for instance. We know that whatever we’ll wear, these will go well with the skin tone, tanned or not.



Our travel brush set is completed with the 202 Angled Blender Brush, to get those nice lines with the darker eye shadows. we simple love this angled brush because, again, it’s versatile. I can be very precise with the dark shades, while it blends nicely the lighter ones, to get those dramatic eyes we ave for.  


We’re lucky to have our favorite mascara produced in travel version, so we can add to the eye shadow drama and perfect the look.



While traveling we carry with us a SPF 30 lipstick, in our favorite shades. Luckily sometimes being safe, can also be sexy.




Not as much fun as makeup, but we don’t leave the house, let alone the country or state, without our S-2 Tweezers. Nothing whimsical in this relationship, we just love how precise these tweezers are, which made them our reliable weapon against rebel eyebrows.

These are our travel makeup essentials, always ready to take on a new adventure. Hope it will serve as an inspiration to bring together yours.