How using Makeup Brushes Changed my Life March 18 2017

How using makeup brushes changes my life

For many years, my hands were my main makeup application tool. I used them for applying my foundation, concealer, eye shadow and even blusher. It wasn’t until that I picked up a foundation brush for the first time, that I realized the mistake that I had been making. Using a brush completely transformed how my foundation looked; it looked smoother, it was blended in better and my skin was looking flawless.

Although the technique you choose to apply your makeup is a personal preference, brushes have changed the way I apply makeup and how I feel towards it. Here are a few reasons why makeup brushes have changed my life. to applying foundation, a small amount goes a long way when you use a high-quality and soft makeup brush.

The brush allows you to evenly buff your foundation across your face and allows you to cover all the areas you may struggle to reach with just your fingers. You’ll need less foundation for a natural looking base, meaning you won’t have to buy your favourite foundation as often! Using a brush, such as the Firma 104 Foundation Brush for foundation application allows you to achieve a much smoother, flawless and natural looking application that would be impossible to get using a sponge or your fingers.

When using your fingers to apply your makeup, sometimes things can get a little bit messy. Applying your makeup with a brush allows you to be in control. You can be precise about your makeup, especially when it comes to applying and blending your eye shadow.

A blending brush like the Firma 102 Tall Blender makes blending all the easier, quicker and enables a more precise application. The main reason why makeup brushes have changed my life is because of the natural-looking results that they give me. Blending is what can make or break your makeup; therefore it’s a good idea to invest in brushes that will give you amazing results.

High-quality brushes blend your makeup seamlessly. The right foundation brush will leave your skin looking airbrushed and the right blending brush will leave your eye shadow looking flawless.

Beauty experts and makeup artists have also favoured the brush technique and recommend never using your fingers. This is because your fingers can retain bacteria, dirt and oils which you don’t necessarily want on your face. It can cause breakouts and it can be generally quite bad for your skin, therefore it might be best and more hygienic to reach for your makeup brushes.

Not only will it create a flawless complexion, it will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy! Makeup brushes have changed the way I apply my makeup. Gone are the days where I’d messily try and apply foundation or blusher with my fingertips, brushes have changed my life and my makeup routine.

Cosmetic brushes have so many benefits; it would make sense to invest in the right tools to make your makeup the best it can be!