How to Style Your Makeup Vanity Table November 24 2016

Makeup is such an important (not to say essential) part of our lives today. We spend precious minutes every morning working on it, we invest a fair amount of money to buy cosmetics and beauty products and we are passionate about drawing an eye line, curving our lashes and creating flawless skin. It’s only fair to have a special spot in our homes to enjoy and also optimize our beauty routine: a makeup vanity table. Your makeup vanity table should be a place that inspires you, that will make you feel beautiful and confident. It is also a fun space to decorate where you can use your personality and be creative to style your own little beauty temple.


Here are 5 things you need to style your perfect vanity table


vanity mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall...

I believe the mirror is the key piece when styling a vanity. Besides the table it’s the most important item. You can a make bold statement by placing a full length mirror on the wall or choose a glamorous frame for a midsize mirror. Adoreness Tip: Having a desk top magnifying mirror can be handy!



vanity look with lights

Light it up!

Natural light is always the best choice when applying makeup, but if you don’t have a space close to a window you can choose a stylish lamp or even a mirror with spotlights. Using Wall lamps or floor lamps can also be helpful if you need to clear up space on your vanity.



makeup vanity table

Keep things handy.

Use an assortment of trays and containers in various sizes and shapes to hold your makeup. The goal here is to look tidy, as well as making the items easily accessible as you're getting ready.



vanity with storage

Extra Storage, please!

We know you are not going to be able to fit your entire makeup supply in trays and little boxes on the top your vanity, that’s why extra storage is so important. In addition to various lipsticks, eyeshades, palettes and lotions you will also need space for makeup toiletries such as cotton balls, cotton swabs and face tissue. Most of the vanity tables already come with drawers and other compartments, but if you don’t have enough or any, acrylic containers and drawers are a great option.


makeup vanity table

Decorate and style!

This is where you apply your personal taste. Adorn your vanity with fresh flowers, candles and diffusers for a fresh scent. Choose design pieces such as a flower vase, candle holders and portraits to harmonize. You can also select a statement chair to complement the look. Adoreness tip: throw a blanket or a pillow on the chair for a cozy set up, we love faux fur.

designer vanity

If you are still not convinced you need a vanity or you don’t have enough space at home, you can place statement furniture in any corner of your house. A simple, but chic table can store your makeup when your are no using them and a beautiful chest of drawers can also be styled as a makeup vanity. No matter what style you have, we all need one of those!


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